Canopy Costa Azul Adventure

Tour Consists Of:
Zip lines, suspension bridge, extreme rappel, Tarzan swing (children only) and racing zip lines.

Zip Line Tour in Los Cabos MexicoZip Lines: Ride on an aircraft grade steel cable using a pulley and a safety harness with a main safety strap (which can carry over 20 times your weight). Make your way across the zip line and an instructor will be waiting to assist you at the end.

Suspension Bridge: Incredible 160 feet of bridge connects you to the rappel cliff, suspending your walkway high above the beautiful desert flora and fauna.

Rappel: Descend down a 180 foot mountain wall using a figure 8 safety device; you will be completely in control of your descend with two instructors by your side.

Tarzan Swing: A system of pulleys and ropes provides a perfect extreme playground for swinging across the desert Tarzan style. Perform your best aerial acrobatics in the newest, fun activity in Los Cabos.

Tour Includes:
Round trip transportation (from SJC properties, CSL and Corridor are subject to availability), bottled water, Tequila Factory tour, trained/certified guides, climbing equipment, waiting area, parking space, and bilingual staff.

Per Person: $99
Non-Participant (paid directly to tour operator): $25
Park Entrance Fee: $15 per person (paid direct)

Zip Line Tour in Los Cabos MexicoDeparture Time:
9:00AM, 12:00PM and 3:00PM

Tour Duration:
4 hours (including transportation from the resort)

Additional Services:
Professional photography, restaurant/bar and lockers (lockers are subject to availability)

Requirements for the Tour:
Maximum Weight for Zip Lines: 250 pounds
Maximum Weight for Rappelling: 220 pounds
Minimum Weight for Rappelling: 100 pounds
Maximum Weight for Tarzan Swing: 100 pounds (activity for children only)

Participants must be at least seven years of age and in good health. People who are intoxicated or pregnant may not participate.

Tax included in above rates

All tours subject to 3.75% booking fee.